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How good are lotus seeds for health?

In the countries of East Asia and Southeast Asia, lotus is known as a valuable and indispensable traditional medicine when preparing dishes. Lotus seeds are proven to be very good for health, helping to enhance and improve the body. With these useful uses, lotus seeds are used a lot in cuisine and medicine.

What is a lotus seed?

lotus seed
Lotus is a species of plant in the water lily family and has more than 100 species, the most common being the single-flowered white lotus, each flower has about 24 petals. Other lotus species such as the double lotus can have more than 100 petals each, often in pink and red colors. In Vietnam, lotus lives in most provinces and cities, it brings many effects in helping to nourish and improve human health.
They have a high content of protein, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, while the content of saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol is very low. In medicine, lotus seeds are considered a valuable medicine, which can cure diseases such as weakness, neurasthenia, insomnia, poor appetite, mental problems and indigestion.
In 100g lotus seeds contain 350 calories, 63-68g carbohydrates, 17-18g protein, but only 1.9-2.5g fat, the rest are other ingredients such as water, other minerals. According to research results, an average of 100 grams of dried lotus seeds can provide about 18 grams of high-quality protein and fiber. In particular, lotus seeds do not contain sugar but have a delicious taste that suits many people’s preferences.
Lotus seeds, also known as humiliation, are sweet, average, and contain many nutritional values. In Oriental medicine, they are a delicious, nutritious food and also a valuable medicine that has the effect of nourishing the mind, helping the kidneys, and helping the spleen and stomach, which can improve the condition of spermatozoa, spermatozoa in men or other diseases. diarrhea, insomnia, slow digestion, bloating, poor appetite, cure thirst due to high fever, dehydration.
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How good are lotus seeds?

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Lotus seeds help treat both diseases in the elderly In Eastern medicine, mixed illness is a disease that makes the elderly feel lethargic, dizzy, lose sleep, and quickly forget. Confusion disease in the elderly is quite dangerous, the disease progresses, making them unable to determine space and time, losing the ability to recognize, not remembering information about loved ones, disorienting and no longer able to think. think decision. The dishes made from lotus help to nourish the spirit of the elderly, cure diseases and are very effective.
Lotus seeds help effectively fight inflammation Some studies have shown that both red lotus seeds and white lotus seeds have the ability to help effectively fight inflammation, and have a very good antioxidant effect thanks to 2 types of polysaccharides in the lotus heart.
Lotus seeds help with acne Lotus seeds can help with acne . Sebum in the skin is a waxy substance that forms and clogs pores in the skin, which is the culprit that causes acne. The method of mixing lotus flowers with green tea can be used to reduce the amount of sebum secreted by the glands.
Lotus seeds help limit the spread of lung cancer cells In particular, the neferine in the lotus heart has the effect of limiting the spread of lung cancer cells. The results of this study suggest the use of lotus heart to treat lung cancer in the future.
Lotus seeds help cure insomnia Insomnia is a common disease that many old people as well as the young generation encounter. Insomnia is often caused by stress and can lead to many other related health problems. Lotus seeds have the effect of helping users sedation and relaxation, easy to sleep, so it is considered an effective home remedy to treat insomnia.
Lotus seeds are good for diabetics Because lotus seeds are low in calories but rich in fiber, they can help reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore, for patients with diabetes should take a sufficient amount of lotus seeds on a regular basis to maintain health. Lotus seeds are considered a healthy and delicious snack for people with diabetes.
lotus seeds
lotus seed
Lotus seeds help slow down the aging process of the body The composition of lotus seeds contains anti-aging enzymes that slow down the aging process and repair damaged proteins. Therefore, regular use of lotus seeds brings many benefits to improving longevity without the need to use anti-aging creams. Based on the content of enzymes present in lotus seeds, researchers found different methods to use lotus seeds in cosmetic and skin care industries. However, eating lotus seeds is still better than using these cosmetics.
Lotus seeds are a healthy snack Lotus seeds provide many nutrients of protein, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, which is considered an ideal and healthy snack for everyone. Lotus seeds help provide high energy for a short period of time, so people should stock up on lotus seeds at home and carry them with them even when traveling.
Lotus seeds can be eaten like popcorn or roasted fresh lotus seeds to a golden brown color. Lotus seeds not only have the effect of providing an abundant source of energy but are also very delicious and beneficial to health. Lotus seeds are easy to digest, so it is suitable for all ages, including the elderly and children.
Lotus seeds for a healthy pregnancy Lotus seeds provide a lot of good protein that enhances the development of the nervous system and brain of the fetus, that’s why pregnant women should use lotus seeds. Doctors advise pregnant women to take lotus seeds for a healthy pregnancy.
Lotus seeds help improve taste Lotus seeds are one of the useful foods that help sick people regain their appetite, effective in improving taste. In addition, lotus seeds also help maintain the healthy development of the kidneys, preventing urinary tract infections caused by medical problems or prostatitis.
Lotus seeds help reduce blood fat Fat often accumulates in many parts of our body when we do not regularly exercise, especially the liver, due to stress and anxiety. This accumulation of body fat is called visceral adiposity and can be the cause of many health problems. Eating lotus seeds is proven to treat fatty liver disease and reduce blood fat.
Lotus seeds help prevent bleeding Lotus seeds contain substances in the form of flavonoids such as quercetin, which have an anti-bleeding function by improving the strength of the capillary walls, thus preventing massive bleeding. When baking lotus seeds with charcoal can help increase the effect of preventing bleeding of lotus seeds.

 Some dishes are made from lotus seeds

3.1 Dishes from lotus seeds to cure insomnia To cure insomnia, you can prepare a number of dishes according to 2 recipes:
Coconut lotus water is cooked from 100g of lotus seeds, 100g of grated coconut, 400gr of granulated sugar. Cook until lotus seeds are soft, mix with grated coconut and sugar water to use. Longan lotus seed tea is made by cooking 100 grams of fresh lotus seeds, 300 grams of longan (peeled off the pulp), and 400 grams of granulated sugar.
3.2 Dishes from lotus seeds to treat depression To treat nervous depression, you can cook 16g lotus seeds, 12g main ginseng, 12g paint, powder, mix with honey to make tablets, drink every day 20-30g. In case the elderly are sick, you can cook lotus seed porridge according to the recipe of 20g of lotus seeds, 100g of delicious plain rice and then eat 3 meals/day. When eating, you can add sugar to eat together.
3.3 Dishes from lotus seeds to cure headaches: To cure headaches, you can use 20g lotus seeds, 40g cooked black beans, 20g young mulberry leaves, 12g water pods, 40g young sage leaves, 40g in the field. Bring the cooked stars, pick them up and pound them, add a little sugar, make them with corn kernels, dry them and put them in jars for use. Eat twice a day, 20g each time.
3.4 Dishes from lotus seeds to cure diarrhea of ​​raw feces with lotus seeds Cure diarrhea of ​​raw feces with ingredients of 100g lotus seeds, 50g grated tubers, 15g young sapodilla fruit, 20g rock sugar. Crush young sapodilla into the pot, then add 250ml of water, boil thoroughly, then drain the water and discard the residue. Lotus seeds and ground tubers are both dried and ground into powder, then put in the distilled water and stir well, simmer into porridge. When the porridge is cooked, add rock sugar, divide it into 3 times and eat it on an empty stomach for 3 days in a row.
3.5 Food from lotus seeds to treat anemia To treat anemia with the recipe of 50g lotus seeds, 300g fish (snakehead) fish, 50g sticky rice, 100g plain rice, just enough seasoning. Steamed fish and fruit and remove the marinated meat. Lotus seeds, glutinous rice and milled rice. Fish bones are pounded to filter for fresh water, then add 300ml of water to cook with rice flour, reduce heat, stir well. When the porridge is cooked, add fish meat, stir well, add spices to scoop out to eat; Eat once a day on an empty stomach for 10 days.
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